Beloved Companions

We've changed this page a bit to include our other friends who gave us so much joy.

Dancer passed away March 5th, 2005 from an aggressive cancer. She went quickly and peacefully, she's now buried up on the East Hill watching over us.

We lost Trouble on March 21st, 2001. She had renal kidney failure and was in pain most of the time. Dr. Mark helped us let her go, I held her while she went to sleep and we buried her up on the hillside so that she can look over the property. She was a silver tabby, the resident Queen Mum.  Found her under a bush in a rainstorm late September 1986, hence the name. She'd earned it though, since she even once found a way to teach Bear, how to open the fridge for her. 

Bear was a mix of German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, & Newfoundland, weighed in at well over a 100 pounds. Swam like a fish, loved the cold weather, liked to chase deer and anything else. Took his job very seriously as the Protector of the House. He always made sure the other little ones were well taken care of. Even letting me know that Dancer was cold and needed to be covered with her blankie. He was my constant companion for 12 years. January 3rd, 2000, we had to send him to wait for us over the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss him terribly.

An old Inuit I met once told me something that's stuck with me. He was giving up a female Malamute for breeding. Inuit's are very attached to their dogs. He said that there was now a hole in his heart, but he will be happy to die with a riddled heart. Bear left a huge hole in mine. Guess mine will look like Swiss cheese when I go as well.  Our thanks to all of those who've expressed such very kind words and thoughts. 

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Rest well old friend, I love you.

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