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So Ya wanna know about us!

You're sure? Ok, but first, the music you will be listening to is a track called "Fire Dance" from Lord of The Dance.



Business Information

Job title
Leather Artisan, at least that's what my wife says! Click on the link to read a bio she wrote up on me.

Key responsibilities
Chief cook and bottle-washer. You name it, I do it! Everything from making these neat leather items to building this web site.

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Contact Information

Electronic mail address
steve@austinleatherworks.combronze-right.gif (25559 bytes)

Web address                                         

Mailing address:

Austin Leather Works
Dragon's Apple Keep
9530 Gibbs Rd
Clarkston, MI. 48348-1502
Please note: this is NOT a retail store location!

Office phone: 248-922-1641 Leave a message if I don't answer, I might have my hands full of dye!

Fax: 248-922-3632 Call the Office first, we normally have the machine off due to all the spam faxes we've been getting.

Cell Phone/Voice Mail: 248-396-3087 if you get the voice mail it's best to call back at the office and leave a message there, I only have the cell on when I'm out.

Comments and Suggestions

Please send me mail telling me what you think about this site and how I might improve it. Be nice! I know a lot of dragons. :>

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Biographical Information

November 1957
I'm a classic! According to the astrology crowd, it also makes me a Sagittarius, with a cusp of Scorpio, what ever that has to do with anything. Worked many a year for Corporate America, learned plenty, won't go back. Goal is to purchase my own island, declare war on the US Government so they'll send me millions in foreign aid. Hey! It could work!
September '94
Officially started Austin Leather Works. Technically, we started in 1991, but that's when I chucked all ties to any semblance of a regular mundane job. Although it's been many a tough time and lots of hours and hours of work with nobody to blame but myself, it's well worth it. If you're really feeling brave and adventurous. Click on this link to take you to where all this really takes place. My Office!
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Personal Interests 

Well, I'm a fan, my darling wife Joan is a RABID FANWe've both got our Fantasy Teams, my drivers are: Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Jamie McMurray, & Michael Waltrip. Joan's are Matt Kenseth, Kurt & Kyle Busch, Brian Vickers, & Dale Jarrett.
Our Kids
We've currently got two cats and two dogs. We do our best to maintain a balance, that way no being is out-numbered, although occasionally out-gunned! 
Merlin, is a mix of Shepherd & Husky, I think either Siberian or Samoyed. Doesn't talk much, but when he's got something to say he's very vocal. Real affectionate little guy too. Thinks the only reason anyone comes here is to play with him. Very protective though, took a good chunk of fur out of the neighbor's dog when he thought Dancer was in danger. 
Kieley is a mix of Doberman & German Shepherd, she's about the goofiest dog you've ever met. They bobbed her tail before we met her but that doesn't stop her from wagging her whole behind. She absolutely LOVES Merlin.

        The cats:

Then there's Tigger Neverbug, he's a Classic Cream Tabby. His name came about from Dancer, Winnie the Pooh, and the movie, Hook. When we brought him home, he was this tiny little bundle. Dancer decided that he was hers to protect. We figured she thought he was a Neverbug. We'd been telling her that she was supposed to help Bear guard by keeping all the Neverbugs safe. Then he demonstrated that though he was a tiny kitten, he could bounce like Tigger, hence the name. 
Now he's got a new little lady, Mystique, a tortoise shell kitten, that he's quickly teaching to be the best cat she can be! She earned her name by vanishing & even morphing, just like the mutant on the X-Men movie. She loves to knock things off my desk, especially if Merlin is underneath it. 

The Denizens of Dragon's Apple Keep!

We've named our property here Dragon's Apple Keep, the dragon part should be obvious. The Apple part comes from the variety of apple trees on the property. The Keep part comes from the medieval term denoting a safe place such as a castle or fortress. We've decided that no creature would ever be unsafe on this property and enforce that. We have deer which Merlin loves to chase, a huge variety of birds including sightings of a Peregrine Falcon, a Greer Falcon, Eagles, & a Screech Owl. We've also seen several varieties of fox, wild turkeys, and even skunks.
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