Resource Links

These are places you can find things. Whether or not they're useful is up to you. I've found something I needed thru them at one point or another. Again, if there's something you'd like to see added, let me know.

If you can't find it at Sir Clisto's site, I'd be very surprised.

Dance Doodahs

Just about anything to do with Dance or Dance related costumes.

Ask for Billie! These folks make great stamps, reasonable prices and fast delivery. 

 Moscow Hide and Fur 
The West's Leading Fur House

Not only furs, but just about any thing else you can imagine, feathers, teeth, skulls, etc.

smk&fire.jpg (32969 bytes)

Smoke & Fire Great for patterns


Click here for a Universal Translator. Just watch your slang. ;>

It can come out quite amusing at times.

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