Yep, that's her! And yes, she's on the back of the love seat. This is where Tigger Neverbug normally likes to rest. Dancer followed a sunbeam up here. I came out of the office and saw her there. From the look on her face, she really thought she was in trouble. I was fortunate enough to get the camera and snap this shot before she decided to leave. This picture was taken in our old house in Ferndale, MI. 

Joan wrote the following after Dancer passed.


To Dancer

It’s only been a few days but the silence is astounding

No snuffles here, no bugles there

No happy dance awaits

No dancing at treat time nor cuddles on the couch


Its worth every tear spent and heartache from her loss

Memories of her life and love sustain us and keep us going every day

Its thinking of her goose chase and back track hunting skills

She always will be with us, in everything we do


We wish you fun and frolic with those that left before

Just remember to save a space for us when we join you across the rainbow bridge


A day in the life

 I thought I saw a chipmunk where on earth did it go?

I know I smell a chipmunk and it had no place to go.

It has to be somewhere right here, it had no place to go

I’ll check to the right and sniff to the left

I know there was a chipmunk and it HAD no place to go.

 Aha! I knew I smelled a chipmunk and its found a place to go

It must be right down in that hole,

It can’t be very far

 I’ll dig and dig and dig all day to find that awful beast

I know I saw a chipmunk where on earth did it go?

The intruder must be dealt with and not a minute spared,

I can’t give up the search until the evil beast is found

I dug and dug and dug until the day is nearly done…

I know there was a chipmunk, it  must have run away

I can proudly trot away because my duty here is done


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