Begins at Home.

What have you done lately to help your neighborhood? Your community? Your planet? Everyone needs to pitch in for things to go right, for people to prosper. If you're lucky enough to have food when you're hungry, clothes to wear when you need them, shelter, and the many other things most people take for granted, then take some time, some money, some effort and make a change. Call your local charity  groups, what ever cause catches your fancy. Take those clothes you haven't worn in ages and donate them. Do SOMETHING! And if you REALLY can't think of anything, scroll down a little. I'll add links as I can to places you can donate, or otherwise help.

A personal favorite of mine, your local animal shelter. It doesn't take too much effort to go there, walk a dog, pet a cat, maybe even clean a cage. Ask them what's on their Wish List, pick an item and make it your regular donation. One other thing, please DON'T throw out your old towels & blankets. Wash them and take them to your local animal shelter. They're almost always in need of these and a cold pup or kitten sure would appreciate a warm place to snuggle.

Volunteer Your PC -- Download Now!

By combining thousands of ordinary PCs to work on extremely large computational projects, problems can be solved more quickly and less expensively than by conventional methods. Now regular people can help fuel research and projects that previously may have required a bank of supercomputers or a hundred years to complete. 

Join us on our team! Look for Dragon's Apple Keep Charities. or follow the link on the left. 

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Declaration of New Patriotism

Thru agreement with Bill Fawcett, (who holds the copyrights), Jody Lynn Nye, (who co-authored the Dragonlover's Guide To Pern), and Anne McCaffrey, (who created the whole idea), we have been granted permission to use the artwork from the Dragon Lover's Guide to Pern. Also, a hearty thanks to Todd Hamilton, who did the dragon's share of the illustration, and James Clouse for the maps and additional illustrations. In consideration of the fact that none of the parties wanted to receive the normal royalties/commissions associated with the typical use of artwork, we donate at least 10% of all Pern item sales to the International Marine Mammal Project. Click on the icon and you'll be taken Between to their WebPages.

The Literary Charity

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