Rogue's Gallery

Here's pictures of all the innocent victims who've stood still long enough for the camera to come out! Scroll down for the latest additions.

This happy fellow was completely outfitted at MegaCon in Orlando, Fl. 

That's Karen Jones, good friend and model. Looking good Karen! 

The lovely Heather, all ready to crack some heads & hearts. ;>

These lovelies were the result of a Costuming Panel at one of the shows. Hey Sheryl! Bet you thought I forgot this one! heheehee........

Joan, Bru, Karen, & Myself

Michelle at our Ghost Roast.

Happy couple we outfitted at DragonCon '02

He's ready to escort that lady now! Another DragonCon '02

Again, DragonCon '02

I show Allen the PROPER way to tie up a lady! ;> That's Brandy Stark, artist extraordinaire!

Krista helps a lady with a vest, DragonCon '02

This lad returned to Megacon '03 to add a cloak to his outfit.

This lovely lady is wearing one of our Avon Jupon Gowns.

Last year at MegaCon we outfitted the young lady on the right, she brought back the gentleman in the middle to be decked out. Maybe later we'll convince the young lady to the left to buy that purple vest she looked so good in!

This gentleman is wearing the Duke's Doublet & Wrap Pants.

And yet another addition to the Wench's Guild!

Krista helps create another Wench! ;>


Ready for the Faire!

Celtic Chemise, Turquoise Wench Vest, Black Skirt, perfectly accented by a maille necklace.

Long vest, Pirate Shirt, Sailor pants, & suede cuffs. He's ready for adventure!

Long Vest, Pirate Shirt, Wrap Pants, & Swordsman's Belt.

We outfitted this lass in the Avon Jupon.

Then we got her beau into the Duke's Doublet & Sailor Pants.

The perfect accent, one of Wendy's hand-woven shawls.

After much deliberation, it's the Avon Jupon!

Muffin Hat, Long Vest, and we even belted him!

We turned him into a pirate and her into his first Maid!

Wench vests across the generations!

Wench vest, Celtic Chemise, & Gather Skirt.

Josh shows off with the customer he's just belted & pouched!

The lovely Abranda Sisson, fellow artist, being outfitted in her new gown.

Origins '04 Ready & Wenching!

Another Origins '04 Headin' for Faire!

We garbed this young lovely at ComicCon '04

This one just wanted to see the Wench Vest Effect.

Another ComicCon '04 garbing!

Ready for the Pleasure Faire.

We fully outfitted D’Artagnan and his lady. I kid you not! That was his name!

ICon, in Stony Brook, NY.

ICon, in Stony Brook, NY.

We're also now carrying Xcentricities Corsets!

Marcon '05

Marcon '05


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