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Swordsman's Belt 3"

Perfect for the Ladies! Standard Swordsman's belt made of high grade Latigo leather. Won't rub off on your clothes. Priced per inch so that you only pay for what you need. More details...
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Swordsman's Belt 3"
Swordsman's Belt 3"
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Product Details
Measure the length by this method:
Take any piece of rope that's plenty long enough, tie a loop on one end. Wrap the rope around your body, bring the loose end thru the loop, then back under the belt. This will form another loop, bring the loose end down thru this loop and pull to desired tightness. Fashionable length will be to where your fingertips end when standing straight. (Easier to have help measuring this). Mark the length, then remove the "belt" Measure from the tip of the loop you tied on one end to where the belt would end. Add 6 inches to this measurement to allow for the wider knot. That's how many inches you'll need to order.

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