It's been some time since I've updated, my apologies. The past year & 1/2 have been rather rough.

Joan passed away April 3rd, 2013. It was all rather sudden, the mercy is that we had time to get things in order. We had over 30 years together which is more than a lot of people get. Kieley, Mystique & I are coping and just taking things day by day.

We lost Merlin to inoperable bone cancer, he is missed so very much.

Tigger Neverbug passed away this morning, Sept. 10th, 2010. He was 14 and lived a full wonderful life, we will miss him greatly.

Some photos from our visit to the Western Caribbean!


This clip is called Siamsa by Ronan Hardiman from the Lord of the Dance. I'd just about guarantee it will make you start tapping your feet.





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