The Holy Terror's Travels

Our new mascot, The Holy Terror, is traveling around with us and meeting all sorts of new friends. Check back often for updates. You never know what he's up to! Look close, He's in all the pics. Click on one for a larger,  (well most of the time anyway), version. Close that window to return.

YIKES! The Fashion Police!

Werewolves of Archon! Draw blood!

Ya know, I woulda been scared, but the kiddie book bag blew it!


Hey Dragon, I hate ta tell ya, but that kid ya swallowed? He's comin' back up on ya!

No, I Don't know any Saruman, but the Tower sounds interesting.



Woo Hoo Pinky!


Chicks in leather with big swords! I'm in H.T. heaven!


C'mon Sugar, ditch Lobster Boy and let's party!


Hey Cool! Someone like me! Big ears & horny!


Ok, so I did say someone Foxy. Very funny guys.


Now this is my style! Nice Kitty!


Never fear m'lady! I shall protect thee!


Hey Boss! I found my long-lost cousins!


Ok, ok, so the genetic experiments didn't EXACTLY go as planned. Sheesh!


Oh baby I LOVE them boots!


Ok, Shrek, you're alright, but if that donkey sneaks up on me again....

A Wenchin' we will go, a wenchin' we will go! Hi! Ho! A DOUBLE show! A wenchin' we will go! 

Ok Wolfie! You take the busty Goth, I'll take the Klingon babe! Hey Honey, wanna hear some poetry? Waaaahooo! 

Ok, so THIS is a PERN gather? Get these things OFF ME! Wadda mean Impressed for Life? I'm not the slightest BIT impressed! 

Ah the Renaissance, Kilts & Tankards..... HEY! Who's that sneaking up on me?

Hey Sweet Cheeks! Let's go see your castle! RRRWWWWOO!


Heehee! These guys are real cutups! 

Hmm... a blue dragon.

Hey Helga! Let's SHINE!

Ok, so they can't all be cute! 

WooHoo! InstaWench! 

Wench Ridin'! One of my favorites sports! 

I love it! Steve Wenches 'em and I get the cuddles! 

Hey Steve! Tough job you've got there buddy! RRRRWWWRR, nice kitty!

Guys, I'll be back LATER! MUCH later! 

Hey! I caught a fairy! 

Ah, it's good to be me! 

Hey! Put me down Arica! I wanna play! heheheee...

Sheesh! What a hothead! 

Nice threads dude!

And they said the South would never rise! What's that smell? Something's rotting around here!

Help! I'm being terrornapped by a moth!

Hubba Hubba! My kinda Kitty! Rrrrrwow!

Hey! Nobody told me Darth Maul had a sister! WaaHoo! This place is loaded with babes! 

Alright big guy, just cuz you stuck that thing on a stick, don't get any ideas! 

I swear! I didn't know she was your sister! 

Listen Bats, dump the furball and we'll trash this joint!

Ok, take me to my table, I'll start with a nice Chianti....

AAAHHH! Steve was right! The light at the end of the tunnel WAS an 800 lb Gorilla! Quick Gimme a banana!

Alright Toots, leggo the ear! 

Ok, so Blue Bear, know any Pink Elephants?

Ok guys, ready? Let's fly the coop! 

So whadda say sweetheart, dump the dude and let's party!

H.T. meets Destro, MegaCon '02

H.T. cuddles with Pikachu Princess. 

Nabbed by The Men In Black!

Saved by.... STORM TROOPERS???

H.T. Discovers The King!

Visiting NASA. heheeheee........

Hey, I wonder if this thing still works?

Wadda mean the flight's been scrubbed? Not while H.T.'s at the helm! Now which button says "IGNITE"?

Ah, nice and roomy! I don't know what those wimpy astronauts were complaining about! 

Ok, so the fit's a little off. HEY Arica! I need some adjustments! 

If I can just get over this fence and onboard that Shuttle...

H.T. Singin' in the moonlight on Cocoa Beach.

HEY! Turn that light off! 

Please stay tuned for the continuing misadventures of 


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